Our vision

We believe we should all strive to create a world without waste. And to realise this vision, everything we do is based on five guiding principles.

These are to:

BE BOLD  We tirelessly pursue better solutions to waste management - then try to improve them further still. We’re proud of our role as leaders in the field and we’ll continually innovate and challenge to stay ahead. We’re passionate about what we do. 

BE TRUSTED  We’ll always act with honesty and integrity. And by being trusted, our people are more empowered to deliver a better service to you.

COLLABORATE  We recognise that we work better as part of a team.  Working together enhances the collective skills, knowledge and experience we offer you. We value the opportunity to learn from others and actively seek input from both inside and outside the industry.      

CARE  We want to do the right thing - by people and by the planet. We care about our customers, our employees, the communities we work in and the quality of service we deliver.

HAVE FUN We believe that a happy, fun workplace is a more creative and productive environment. Celebrating team achievements and individual accomplishments all contribute to our overall success.

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