What our customers say

  •   As a food waste collector, it is essential that we work with AD partners that can provide outstanding service and reliability.  We need our partners to be able to handle packaged as well as unpackaged waste and we need flexibility on the hours that we can drop off food waste to ensure that our customers can be served when they need us. It’s important for us to partner with organisations that we trust and Biogen clearly fit this profile.   ,
  •   We’re pleased to be working in partnership with Biogen, a business which shares our vision for innovative waste management solutions. A pleasure to work with, the team is reliable and supportive and we look forward to more great collaborative work with them in the future to help provide many more businesses with a sustainable way to dispose of food waste.   ,
  •   Paper Round is delighted to work with Biogen on food waste recycling. We provide reliable food waste collections to hotels, restaurants and offices across London and the South East, and it’s important that this food waste is handled in the most environmentally friendly manner. Anaerobic digestion is the UK Government’s approved approach for processing food waste to achieve the greatest carbon savings, so we sought out a partner that only processed food in this way. In Biogen we have found a market leader, one that is always investing in improving processing technology and making their service better for their clients. In terms of logistics, we have found Biogen reliable and flexible to work with and would certainly recommend them as a partner for food waste processing.     ,
  •   At ASDA we are committed to minimising the amount of waste we create, and to ensuring unavoidable waste is managed sustainably. Biogen's anaerobic digestion plants are key to our commitment towards zero waste to landfill and to sustainable waste management.  By offering a flexible Anaerobic Digestion facility that is capable of handling the varied nature of waste created by a supermarket, Biogen have allowed ASDA to divert both animal by product and bio food waste, which would otherwise be destined for rendering. This has had the double benefit of reducing the financial cost and environmental impact of our food waste.     ,