Warwickshire green energy plant to recycle food waste from William Shakespeare attractions

The new Merevale anaerobic digestion (AD) plant near Atherstone has doffed its cap to the bard by announcing that it will be taking food waste from The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust once operational.

Mon 14 Oct 2013

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is the charity that cares for the world’s greatest Shakespeare heritage sites in Stratford-upon-Avon, and promotes Shakespeare’s legacy around the world. The five Shakespeare Houses and Gardens attract some 750,000 visitors a year.  Food waste from the attractions and from food manufacturers, retailers and homes in the region will be transformed to generate renewable energy.

Work is now well underway at the 45,000 tonne per year plant which is being built by AD specialists Biogen; the company will also own and operate the plant. 

Taking inspiration from Shakespeare's quote “Unquiet meals make ill digestion” (Comedy of Errors), Biogen and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust will be working together to process food waste through the Merevale anaerobic digestion plant to generate renewable electricity for the grid and a nutrient rich biofertiliser for use on the surrounding Estate and other local farmland.

The Merevale plant will generate electricity to meet the annual demand of 4,000 average homes – more than the combined households of nearby Baxterley and Atherstone.

Nicki Garside, property services manager at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust said, “We are committed to making everything we do as sustainable and environmentally sound as possible, so we are pleased to support this renewable energy initiative.” 

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