Wales' Shadow Minister for the Environment visits Biogen's AD plant in NE Wales

Antoinette Sandbach, North Wales regional AM and Shadow Minister for the Environment, was given a tour of Biogen’s Waen AD plant near St Asaph.

Thu 28 Aug 2014

Biogen’s green energy plant in Denbighshire will process 22,500 tonnes of food waste every year, generating a continuous output of 1,000 kW of renewable electricity for the national grid, enough to power 2,000 homes, the equivalent of the nearby city of St Asaph. 

The plant takes food waste from residents and businesses across Denbighshire, Flintshire and Conwy, and turns it into renewable energy and a nutrient rich fertiliser, when it could have ended up in landfill.

The Waen AD plant is Biogen’s fourth operational plant in the UK, bringing the total amount of waste processed across all Biogen sites to more than 150,000 tonnes per year. 

As part of Biogen’s closed loop process, the AD plant will produce a valuable biofertiliser to be supplied for use on nearby farmland. 

Ms Sandbach said that she had been very impressed with how clean and environmentally friendly the operation was.

“I believe this is the largest scheme of its type and it is great to see a partnership between a national company and Denbighshire, Conwy and Flintshire County Councils leading the way in Wales in recycling food waste.

“These days more than ever it is important to look at alternative ways of producing energy and working with companies like Biogen brings great benefits to us all and it can only be good news for the future.

“I was delighted to hear that the Waen plant and Biogen’s other projects in Wales and England are making a significant contribution to the target of meeting 15 per cent of the UK’s energy demand through renewable sources by 2020.”

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