Turf cut at Bryn Pica - Biogen's 3rd Welsh AD plant

The turf has been cut at Biogen’s new food waste recycling plant in Rhondda Cynon Taf, which will create green energy for 1,500 homes.

Thu 5 Jun 2014

Renewable energy firm Biogen designed and will build and operate the new food waste-to-energy plant at Bryn Pica, Aberdare. 

The new anaerobic digestion facility will have the capacity to generate one mega-watt of green electricity from 22,500 tonnes of food waste, sufficient to power 1,500 homes.

The plant will also produce a nutrient-rich fertiliser for farmland. 

Alun Davies, Minister for Natural Resources and Food, said: “Wales is the only country in the UK with a national programme to tackle household food waste - and Bryn Pica will demonstrate the benefits. 

“The Welsh Government has provided more than £2.6m in funding this project so far, which will create jobs and generate renewable energy. 

“We have provided leadership to Local Government and the market with our ambitions, and I am pleased to see that work is beginning on site.” 

Biogen Chief Executive, Julian O’Neill, said: “The Bryn Pica AD plant is a fantastic investment for the area, both as a food waste treatment facility and as an educational resource for the community. 

“Construction of the plant is progressing and we look forward to it being fully operational and generating electricity by July 2015.”

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council Leader, Cllr Andrew Morgan, said: “This exciting and innovative project at the Council’s Bryn Pica landfill site further emphasises our continued commitment to work towards a more sustainable and environmentally-focused future, through innovative and efficient waste, recycling and re-use practices, coupled with the benefits of renewable energy sources and further contributes to the on-going reduction in the Council’s carbon emissions…..

The success of the food waste recycling plant will be down to the long-term commitment of our residents as we strive to not only educate but also to actively encourage everyone to become environmentally-friendly.”

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