Tots tour Baldock food waste recycling plant

Children and teachers from Sandon JMI School in Hertfordshire paid a visit to Biogen's Bygrave anaerobic digestion plant near Baldock which recycles food waste to generate electricity for the national grid.

Tue 8 Mar 2016

The visit was arranged to coincide with the children's studies on power and renewable energy. Around 90 children as young as 4 years of age were given a tour of the plant and watched excitedly as lorries and JCB's moved around the plant delivering and recycling the food waste. Older children were roving reporters for the day and grilled Biogen’s Business Development Manager, Alister Veitch about the workings of the plant, the amount of power produced and how the fertiliser left over from the process is used to grow more crops.

Head Teacher of Sandon JMI School, Margaret Gilbert said, "We had an amazing morning at the AD plant. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be talking about it for some time. Hopefully the children will be inspired not to waste food but to use the recycling bins correctly if they do have leftovers.”

Stefan Schaffernicht, Bygrave AD Plant Manager said, “We welcome children visiting our plants so they can understand why it’s better to recycle any leftover food instead of throwing it into the ground.  Renewable energy will be of even more importance for future generations so it’s good that Biogen can play a part in educating young ones.”

See the reaction of some of the children here.

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