One small step for Biogen, one giant step for Bygrave!

Work is forging ahead at Biogen’s Bygrave green energy plant in Hertfordshire. The 45,000 tonne per year anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, located just off the A505, will generate renewable energy from food waste and is on schedule for completion in the last quarter of 2014.

Mon 19 Aug 2013

John Bole, Project Manager said, “Work started on site in mid-June with the bulk excavation works, drainage and concrete works and we are very pleased with how the construction is progressing. It’s a pretty unique looking site too - the chalk-rich soil makes it resemble the site of the moon landings instead of a construction site in Hertfordshire!”

The AD plant which has been designed and built by BIOGEN, will process food waste from food manufacturers, supermarkets and households to generate electricity for the national grid and a nutrient-rich fertiliser for use on nearby farmland. The plant will produce sufficient electricity to power around 4,000 homes - approximately the same number of households in nearby Baldock.

Categories: Anaerobic digestion
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