Northamptonshire AD plant awarded PAS 110

Biogen has been awarded the PAS 110 certification at its Westwood anaerobic digestion plant near Rushden in Northamptonshire.

Fri 20 Sep 2013

The Westwood anaerobic digestion (AD) plant was commissioned in 2009 and processes 49,000 tonnes of food waste each year from local authorities and commercial food producers to generate a valuable liquid fertiliser, known as digestate, and renewable electricity for the national grid.

PAS 110 is an industry standard specification which means that digestate derived from the anaerobic digestion of source-segregated biodegradable materials is of consistent quality and fit for purpose.

Richard Barker, CEO Biogen said, “Achieving PAS 110 at Westwood is an important milestone for Biogen. We have invested considerable resources in systems and procedures so that we can quickly replicate this PAS 110 certification in the network of new plants that we have in construction. We hope that this will further broaden the market for our valuable digestate amongst the farming community.”

AD operators recognise that PAS 110 certified plants will help build confidence in the digestate as a valuable agricultural product and will also ease the development of AD projects and its markets for digestate.

Categories: Anaerobic digestion
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