Leicestershire signs food waste recycling deal with Biogen

Leicestershire County Council will be the first local authority to send food waste to Biogen’s £10M Warwickshire anaerobic digestion plant (AD) for conversion into green energy.

Wed 15 Oct 2014

Leicestershire County Council has agreed a 5 year contract which will see household food waste treated by industry-leaders Biogen at its Merevale AD plant near Atherstone in Warwickshire.

The ground-breaking deal means households in Leicestershire will be the first in the region to have their food waste recycled at the Merevale AD plant, generating green electricity for the national grid and producing a valuable crop fertiliser. The food waste will initially be processed at Biogen’s  Westwood plant near Rushden in Northamptonshire while Merevale is still under construction.  Completion of the plant is scheduled for September 2015.

Julian O Neill, CEO Biogen said, “As specialists in managing food waste, Biogen has years of operational experience and by working closely with many local authorities we understand their requirements. Our AD solution takes care of everything and as a result, addresses many of the issues that councils face. We are delighted that Leicestershire County Council has chosen us for their food waste treatment solution”

The contract is further evidence of Leicestershire County Council's forward thinking and of its commitment to protecting the environment when it comes to food waste disposal. Earlier in 2014 the Council pledged its support to WRAP’s (Waste Resources and Action Programme) national ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign which aims to reduce the amount of food that households throw away.

Blake Pain, Leicestershire County Council’s cabinet member for waste, said: “We are pleased to have signed this contract with Biogen to treat our household waste in an environmentally friendly way. This will see even more waste diverted from landfill,  making a saving to the taxpayer in the process.”

Picture caption: The new Merevale AD plant will look similar to Biogen’s 45,000 tonne Westwood plant in Northamptonshire.

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