Food waste - England must step up to the plate!

The CEO of the UK’s leading anaerobic digestion company says England needs to step up to the plate in order to keep pace with Scotland and Wales when it comes to developing a clear strategy for managing food waste.

Tue 12 Nov 2013

Commenting on the recent WRAP report, Richard Barker CEO of anaerobic digestion specialists Biogen, said, “It’s great news about the reducing levels of food waste arising in the UK, but what is clear is that we need a co-ordinated plan about how the UK wants to make best use of the inevitable food waste that our system produces. This is not just about treating food waste through anaerobic digestion, or by any other technology but also the fact that getting food waste out of residual waste improves the quality of the other recyclates.”

The recent WRAP report on the amount of food still being wasted in the UK has provoked interesting debate across the spectrum. 

The *report stated that annual UK household food and drink waste fell by 1.1 million tonnes (13%) over a three year period from 8.3 million tonnes to an estimated 7.2 million tonnes. The report also claimed this avoided food and drink waste would fill Wembley Stadium in London to the brim. 

Echoing the comments by ReFood UK, Mr Barker added, “It remains with England to follow in the footsteps of Wales and Scotland and develop a clear vision for managing food waste.”

Biogen provides food waste treatment services to local authorities, food retailers, food manufacturers and commercial waste providers to the food and retail industries in England and Wales and has plans for 9 operational AD plants across the UK by 2017.

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