Boss gets his hands dirty on bin collection day

Biogen's CEO swapped his shirt and tie for a pair of 'ballistic' trousers and steel capped safety boots to accompany the food waste collection teams in the Central Bedfordshire area.

Fri 17 Jul 2015

CEO Julian O Neill said, “I feel it’s important to go “back to the floor”, not just in our own business, but with our suppliers and customers too and experience how the collection rounds work.  I wanted to see how hard the job is day in, day out and to really understand how much food waste is collected by witnessing first-hand the number of bins left out.   

In reality it’s all about relationships, experience and learning – we should all know more about how the end-to-end supply chain works in our businesses and what better way to go about it? Being able to experience this first-hand gives us a better understanding of how we can help Central Beds Council and Biffa by improving our service to them and in turn, the end customer -  the householder.

Thank you to Jason Canepe and the rest of his team at Biffa for accommodating me on the round.”

Categories: Food waste recycling
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