Biogen hits half million tonne milestone

Food waste recycling specialist Biogen has recycled a whopping half a million tonnes of food waste since operations began in 2006.

Mon 21 Jul 2014

The food waste, processed by means of anaerobic digestion (AD) technology, generates renewable electricity for the grid and a valuable crop fertiliser. 

Half a million tonnes of food waste processed by AD:

  • Provides electricity for 36,000 households for a year– that’s enough to power a town the size of Burnley in Lancashire.
  • Fills 250 Olympic swimming pools
  • Weighs the same as a modern oil tanker
  • Prevents  452,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere compared to sending to landfill
  • Grows 100 million loaves of bread from the fertiliser produced as part of AD process

Biogen’s food waste treatment service is utilised by major food retailers, food manufacturers, the hospitality industry and many local authorities across England and Wales. 

Simon Musther, Head of Commercial Operations said, “This is a fantastic milestone.  Biogen is proud to be providing a first-class service that’s saving our customers money and making a positive contribution to the environment.”

Biogen currently has 3 operational food waste AD plants in the UK and another 5 under construction. The company’s Waen AD plant in Denbighshire is due for completion at the end of July.

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