Biogen green energy plant awarded industry standard for fertiliser

Biogen’s food waste recycling plant near St Asaph, Denbighshire has been awarded the PAS 110 specification for its biofertiliser derived from the recycling process.

Thu 12 Mar 2015

The 22,500 tonne anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, the largest of its kind in Wales, recycles food waste from homes and businesses to generate renewable electricity for the national grid along with the biofertiliser.

The specification means the local community can be reassured that the nutrient rich biofertiliser is of consistent quality and fit for purpose, i.e. for spreading to farmland as a replacement for fossil fuel derived fertilisers.

The Waen plant is Biogen’s fourth to achieve the industry certification; the company’s Northamptonshire AD plant was awarded PAS 110 status in 2013; its plants in Bedfordshire and Gwyriad achieved the certification last year.

Julian O'Neill, CEO Biogen said, “It is excellent news that Waen has achieved the PAS110 standard.  This makes it 4 from 4 for our AD sites and confirms our position as the largest certified operator in the UK -  aside from Biogen’s sites, only 21 others have  achieved the sought after certification.

Cllr David Smith, Denbighshire County Council and Lead Member for Public Realm said, “We are absolutely delighted that the plant has managed to achieve the PAS 110 standard so quickly.”

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