Biogen enlists caped crusaders to boost AD awareness

The UK’s leading anaerobic digestion (AD) company, Biogen, has recruited a pair of superheroes to help promote the technology to the public, to potential suppliers of food waste and to local authorities.

Mon 3 Feb 2014

Biogen Ben and Anna Robic™ are caped crusaders from another world, committed to the fight to encourage humans to send their food waste to AD.  Each character has its own unique superpower. Anna’s is creating electricity from food waste to light up our homes and power our appliances while her sidekick and companion, Biogen Ben re-energises farmland and crops with the biofertiliser created from our AD plants.

The cartoon characters have been designed with children in mind and it is anticipated that theirinterest will also help to raise awareness to adults of the need to dispose of food waste correctly. Anna and Ben have their own webpage on the Biogen website.

In their story, Biogen Ben and Anna Robic™ work with us at Biogen to promote AD and as such, they are also available to support local authorities in promotions and events as well as in the virtual world.

Marketing & Communications Manager Anita Smith says, “Our new superheroes demonstrate how we work with our various food waste partners and provide support including helping them to market this great technology to their own stakeholders.  The superheroes will be used to inform and motivate; whether it’s a retailer who needs to show back-of-store operatives how to successfully separate food waste out from other waste streams or a local council who wishes to reinforce its recycling message or support its work with schools.  Biogen Ben has already been featured on vehicles used by Midland Co-op which sends food waste from over two hundred of its stores for recycling at Biogen’s AD plant in Northamptonshire.”

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