Food waste superheroes

Anna Robic and Biogen Ben Food Waste Superheroes

Biogen has two food waste superheroes, Anna Robic™ and Biogen Ben, who are helping us promote awareness of anaerobic digestion (AD).

Each character has its own unique super power. Anna’s is creating electricity from food waste to light up our homes and power our ipads while her sidekick and companion, Biogen Ben re-energises farmland and crops with the bio-fertiliser created from the AD process.

The dynamic duo will be seen in campaigns and at exhibitions and future events. Biogen Ben has already been featured on vehicles used by Midland Co-op who send food waste from over 200 of their stores for recycling to our AD plant in Northamptonshire.

Anna and Ben are a valuable marketing tool that our customers can use to promote the technology to their own clients whether it’s a retailer who needs to show back-of-store operatives how to successfully separate food waste out from other waste streams or a local council who wants to reinforce its recycling message or support its work with schools.

Anna and Ben’s story …..

Anna Robic™ and Biogen Ben came to Earth from their home world many light years away in their methane-powered space ship.  Hundreds of years ago on their planet the landfill sites became filled with rubbish including leftover food.  On top of this there was not enough food to eat.  Then they discovered a super technology called anaerobic digestion and they have turned this situation right around.  Now they recycle everything!  All food waste goes to AD to generate power for their planet and the fields are full of food because of the lovely biofertiliser produced by the AD plants. 

Now Anna and Ben have come to Earth to show us how it is done and to help us avoid the predicament which faced their ancestors.  They are so inspired by what we are doing here at Biogen that they have decided to stay and help us and are now vital members of our team. 

Their plan is to get all the people of the world to recycle all their food waste.  If we do this, there will be enough methane available for Anna and Ben to fill up their rocket’s tanks (plus power our Earth appliances) and take them home, but they need our help.  We have to make sure all the food we throw away ends up in our AD food caddy and not the dustbin.  Then we can help save our world and return Anna and Ben to theirs.