Martin Johnson



Martin was delighted to be appointed CEO of Biogen UK in June 2020, having previously been CEO of a major UK food business for 6 years and prior to that, held senior executive positions in commercial, technical/operations and strategy in complex industries such as hospitals, airports and food & automotive manufacturing.

He is passionate about the environment and the need for sustainable, renewable energy. With the UK’s electricity needs set to increase between now and 2030 as personal transport moves from fossil fuels to electrical power, Biogen has a privileged and important role to play in helping to generate this power and in doing so, taking methane greenhouse gas producing waste out of the environment, generating carbon free electricity at the same time. Biogen also operates a number of important green waste facilities that produce valuable PAS 100 grade compost for agriculture and horticulture.

Martin, who is a Chartered Engineer, holds a Masters Degree in Busines Management and is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, leads a team of talented, committed, and experienced executives at Biogen and together they are forging the path for the continued growth and success of the business.

This future continues to see Biogen perform as one of the top AD and green waste operators in the UK by any measure, from environmental care, health and safety, colleague wellbeing and customer service, to plant reliability, operational excellence, and financial performance.