Biogen strategy

Our Strategy at Biogen

Biogen occupies a unique place in the anaerobic digestion market both as an operator and a supplier of food waste AD plants. Our skills and experience in both AD technology and operating commercial plants gives us a distinct advantage over other operators and comes from over 20 years of working in the waste management field.

AD Operators

We have a clear strategy to develop and deliver a national network of food waste AD plants in order to meet the growing need for sustainable food waste treatment solutions. Our proven technology and unmatched operating experience puts us in pole position to achieve our aims.  

Since 1996 we’ve designed and built AD plants for the waste water industry and for the processing of food waste AD plants  and built up considerable experience in the recycling of food and other organic waste. Biogen is responsible for 22 AD plants to date. Our 7 operational AD plants are currently meeting the growing demand from food producers, retailers, caterers, waste contractors and local authorities who recognise the need for sustainable food waste management solutions.

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