Biogen in the community

Biogen Community Action and Involvement

We know that not everybody understands the benefits of anaerobic digestion and that there can be resistance to the building of AD plants. That’s why, wherever we operate, we work closely with local communities to reassure and explain the considerable environmental benefits of AD technology to everybody.  

Community engagement

Throughout every stage of our projects, from planning through to construction, commissioning and operations, we ensure that local residents are kept fully informed and advised about the activities at our AD sites and schemes.

We do this mainly by means of informal public exhibitions and liaising with local groups and the relevant local authority. This ensures that:

  • The practical operations of the scheme are fully communicated
  • Residents have the opportunity to obtain information and personally ask questions about the AD scheme
  • Any perceived concerns or fears about the scheme can be discussed and allayed

Working with schools

We welcome educational visits to our AD plants from schools and we work with local councils on a number of initiatives to engage children in the issue of food waste recycling.

Biogen has created two fabulous food waste superheroes Anna Robic™ and Biogen Ben to promote awareness of what we do. Each character has its own unique super power. Anna’s is creating green electricity from food waste to power our homes while her sidekick and companion, Biogen Ben re-energises farmland and crops with the biofertiliser created from the AD process.

The dynamic duo are part of the marketing support package we make available to our customers which can help them market AD to their own stakeholders.  The superheroes can be used to help inform and motivate whether it’s a retailer who needs to show back-of-store operatives how to successfully separate food waste out from other waste streams or a local council who wants to reinforce its recycling message or support its work with schools.