Food Round Service

Food Round Service waste Collection

Biogen processes over 15,000 tonnes of hospitality food waste per year, most of which is collected by individual ‘food round’ services. 

Even if you’re producing small amounts of food waste you can still benefit from this service and we can put you in touch with relevant, local partners.

Through our established network of waste transfer stations in strategic parts of the UK (London, Midlands and the North West) food round operators can tip more efficiently and economically. Food waste from a variety of sources, including the hospitality industry, is bulked together here and transported in 20-28 tonne loads to one of our AD plants.

We produce monthly reports for food round customers giving details of carbon savings and the power generated from waste. We can also help customers with training materials and training programs to ensure effective segregation.

Biogen currently deals with nine food round operators who collectively cover most of England and Southern & Northern Wales:

  • Paper Round BPR Group - Greater London, Kent & Sussex
  • SITA – National
  • Hep Oils - Greater London & South East England
  • Spectrum Recycling - Greater London
  • KP Waste - Greater London & North Home Counties
  • JNL Waste Services - West Midlands, East Midlands, Midlands & South Midlands
  • Gwynedd Council - North West Wales
  • Grays Waste Management - North Wales
  • Olleco - National

Paper Round collects food waste from a variety of customer around London including St. Ermins Hotel, Chipotle Restaurants, National Theatre and Newham Schools

Find out how you can enjoy significant cost savings and environmental benefits using food round services over other disposal routes:

T: 0844 326 7241