The Team

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  • Kate Lister Head of Compliance
  • Dave Herbert Plant Engineer at GwyriAD I’m an avid rugby fan and nothing gets in the way of me watching Wales play. But I made an exception in 2015 when my second son Owain arrived slap bang in the middle of the Rugby World Cup!
  • Iain Pickles Local Authority Manager Most of my hobbies involve outdoor pursuits. But if Biogen ever held an ‘Indoor Office Olympics’ I think I’d possibly win a gold medal for my cake-eating ability – that’s quantity not speed!
  • Stephen Hembrow Plant Operative - GwyriAD No two days are the same in my job. I love football and the odd game of golf and am a massive Tottenham fan. C'mon you Spurs!
  • Hannah Wood Financial Controller
  • Peter Osborne Plant Maintenance Engineer Working for Biogen gives me flexibility and a good work-life balance. When I’m not at work I like spending time with my son and my dog Dave.